Youtube/TikTok Bounty

Youtube/TikTok Bounty

1000-4999 views/video

Reward: 3 #BERE

5000-9999 views/Video

Reward: 6 $BERE

10.000-14.999 views/Video

Reward: 15 $BERE

15.000-19.999 views/Video

Reward: 22.5 $BERE

20.000-49.999 views/Video

Reward: 30 $BERE

50.000+ views/Video

Reward: 60 $BERE

If you have a channel with more subscribers and the average number of views exceeds 50,000 / video, the reward is discussed individually.

How can you qualify?

– You must have at least 1000 views for at least 3 videos.

– Your channel must be at least 6 months old and you have posted at least 20 videos.

-Video quality: at least HD.

– Clip duration: at least 3 minutes.

– Posts must be original. Plagiarism will be penalized.

– The official links must be left in the video description: