Capra Noastra Token ($BERE)

Do you believe in craft beer? Do you read the future of money in cryptocurrencies? Be one of the first holders of the $BERE token and build value at the dispenser!

Cryptocurrency investors prefer craft beer:

The Blockchain revolution completely changes the way we interact with money just as microbreweries are revolutionizing the beer industry and the flavors at the top of the pyramid.


Cryptocapra - the first virtual currency in honor of a beer:

 We smoothly integrated the Blockchain technology within a business that has conquered craft beer lovers in Romania since 2017 and jumped across the border in 2019.


Terminology in a nutshell:

Cryptocapra is the name of the avatar of Capra Noastra, which has been digitized. Capra Noastra represent the token name and $BERE is the token symbol, proudly launched by Capra Noastra brand.


Trade Capra Noastra( $BERE)


  • 2017, Summer

    Capra Noastra(the brand) is launched in Iași, Romania.

  • June 2019

    It reaches pubs and restaurants in Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, France and Japan.

  • April 2021

    Capra Noastra enters the Blockchain area.

  • May 2021

    Crypto market analysis, concept definition, protocol choice, team formation, launch of Capra Noastra on Testnet Binance Smart Chain & Testnet PancakeSwap.

  • June-July 2021

    Launch Capra Noastra on MainNet Binance Smart Chain, Business Development. List Token Pancake Swap, Whitepaper, Website, Private investors.

  • October 2021

    Official launch, Lock Liquidity, Update Token Info on, Coinmarketcap and

  • December 2021