Token Distribution

Distributed to Pancake Swap50%
Parteners & Collaborators 15%
Development Capra Noastra- Brewery15%
Strategy & Operations10%

Technical Details Capra Noastra

Token Symbol $BERE
Total supply 1,000,000,000 $BERE
Infrastructure #BSC – Binance Smart Chain
Smart Contract Address 0x425e339793f1930c3b44c39cb1a8695114b3f94c
Pancake Swap Exchange

Why you should buy Capra Noastra?

as a solid, innovative & collectible investment, if you are a pure-blooded and crypto-enthusiast investor

to support a local brand that wants to make history and play on the big league

to be able to purchase products, services, experiences & Capra Noastra’s limited editions, if you are passionate about craft beer and you love our brand

– the only way you can make your own personalized beer with us in private or co-branded label if you are a business, a company, a multinational, an anniversary or maybe you have a private event and you want to stand out as special.

– because you are an open-minded person and you want to see how the goat jumps in the virtual world.