Blog Bounty

We reward the creativity of those who are natural born storytellers.

Through Cryptocapra, we bring together communities and micro-communities that share quality beer and Blockchain technology, build customer loyalty, eliminate third parties in marketing through user rewards (in the $ BERE token) for micro-actions and micro-influencers, for the first time in Romania, on the brewery area.

That’s a win-win situation in an innovative, friendly and secure way.

How can you qualify

1. Articles must be of good quality and unique, with at least 350 words. (Copying the website, whitepaper or other posts is prohibited, you will not receive rewards).

2. Good quality items will be rewarded accordingly.

3. Published articles must contain at least one image of the project and the official links:


4. The recommended platforms for publishing articles are: personal blogs, Steemit, Hive, Medium, Reddit and LinkedIn and must be accessible to the public.

5. The content should focus on a relevant topic: project features, latest project updates, tokenomics, private label, etc.

6. Only original and quality content will be accepted.

7. One article for each participant.

8. By joining this program, participants agree that the project team may use all of these items as marketing materials.